Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project Life (July 18 - July 24)

It's been a busy week as usual .. and as usual, I don't know what to say to preface this week :) 
Here's your Project Life Tuesday update, thanks for stopping by!!

Monday just got home from Texas last night so naturally I need to put my toothbrush back into the bathroom. Guess how many people we have living in this house. 6? nope. 4? nope. Three. Three people live here and we have double that number of toothbrushes. I just think it's funny, because it's always been like this growing up :) Anyone else have this issue, toothbrushes multiplying?

Tuesday  I worked on this all day! I have designed an Opportunity Meeting Invitation and made envelopes to match! I can't wait!!! :) ♥ I LOVE PREMIER! (for more information on Premier Designs Jewelry such has hosting a show or becoming a jeweler - please leave me a comment!) I LOVE MY JOB!

Wednesday -  Told ya it was a busy week .... what the heck!? I had a show. THATS what the heck :)

Thursday I hung with Maddie and Cullen for the evening... Maddie and I colored for a while Cullen was napping. She asked me "Tara, why do you think my Mommy & Daddy didn't invite ME for dinner and a movie?" .. ahh, 4 year olds .. so sweet and innocent :)

 Friday my NEW catalogs arrived - yes I was so excited I took a picture. Our new Fall Line of jewelry was just revealed and I'm SO excited about it!

 Saturday Jeff and I spent the day at the airshow .. here we are with the Blue Angels! (see them? Top right!?)
For more on our super fun day - click here! then we watched Arry Potter (Harry Potter..) for a while and PASSED OUT-  that sun really got to me.

Sunday night I just hung out with Molly and Sean. Here they are playing in the fort I made them. I found some flashlights and a sheet and this is how happy they were - awesome!!

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  1. Flashlight, a sheet and some couch cushions!! So simple…but so much fun. You are such a good caregiver! No wonder the kids love you!

  2. Too funny about the toothbrushes. Makes for a good real life shot. Love the sheet fort and flashlights--looks like fun!

  3. Oddly enough...I have three toothbrushes myself. Not sure why? Maybe because I leave one in my bathroom, one on the main floor when I'm feeling lazy and don't want to go to my bathroom, and another because usually I find my toothbrush in a gross place...such as my kid's mouth (or pants?). You crazy Sobies. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Blue Angels pics!


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