Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project Life (August 1 - August 7)

Hey 'yall!

I had a great week and then a SUPER sick weekend .... (not in a good way) - check it out, leave some love! PS - HOW did this week go by SO fast???

This week I had the girls Monday and Wednesday. Monday we went to the zoo. It was one million degrees and a horrible idea - but we had a great time anyways. Luckily the zoo had these awesome mist stations (sprinklers) which truly helped our moods. "LOOK NO ONE IS AT THAT ONE" and we would run over .. hilarious. So our whole day revolved around getting to see the polar bears. We saved them until last and they WERE NOT OUT. I think they chill the water too. What the heck Detroit? Monday night I went to Flint for Premier training, it was nice to see my jewelry girls!

Tuesday my pictures is of our enormous sunflower in the backyard. Each year my uncle comes over and plants a few in our garden, because they don't seem to grow very well at his house. Each year ... they get taller than my dad. Amazing AND beautiful :) Can't beat that! 
Tonight I had my Opportunity Meeting at my house ... it went GREAT!

Wednesday I had the girls again, I picked them up from Amy's today. Then after the day was through, Adrienne and I went to the Tiger's game! GO TIGS! :) We won and it was an awesome game. Love seeing my long lost friend!!

Thursday I had a great day. Hung out with the dogs, house sat, relaxed ... went to my house to do a few things (CLEAN MY OFFICE) and then took off the our Stampin Up Open House. Just a little before we went I started feeling weird. I thought I would eat something and shake it off because I get going and haven't eaten and next thing I know its 5:00 PM By the time we were done with our Open House (party) I was so achy I could hardly stand and I had to have my Mom drive me home. It felt like what I imagine getting run over by a car feels like. Here I am soaking ... I mean, house sitting in Amy's tub :) My aches and pains were AWFUL.

Friday I still felt extra horrible. I laid in bed all day at Amy's and then I moved my pitty party to my bed for a while. Motrin 800's weren't even doing the job and NOW my throat started KILLING me. Can you people tell I hate being sick!?!?? Gross. Thank God I got to see Jeff for a little while tonight, he took care of me until I fell asleep.

Saturday we went to the Heart Of Detroit Run. Looks like I'm feeling better right? Nope. It's a wonder what sunglasses, a bib number and a smile will do for ya right? We had a blast anyways. I have sworn to myself that I will be doing the 5K next year. If I can walk the 1 mile while I'm sick in flip flops .. there is no excuse for next year.

Sunday night after church we had Haley's Going Away / Lifeteen Grad Party at our house. We had a blast, here are these crazy girls doing some karaoke. Awesome food, great people and a couple of mic's - that's all we need to have a good time!

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  1. Cool shot of the sun flower with the clouds in the back. Those giant sun flowers are my favorite.

  2. I have to agree with packmom Tara...the picture with the sunflower and the dark clouds behind it is awesome! You are really getting to be quite the photographer :)
    Aunt Terri


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