Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project Life (July 4 - July 10)


The first part of this week we were in California and I'm actually missing TWO pictures this week (shame on me!) but hey ... such is life.

Happy 4th of July from Angel Stadium! Anehiem, California! Tigers vs. Angel's game in California - awesome!
This flag was the size of the entire outfield once they were finished spreading it out .. it was incredible.

Tuesday Jimmy's buddies came back into town from their weekend away. They had so much alcohol left over that they couldn't bring it on base! Here it all is ... being stored for them ;)

Wednesday we flew all day ... got home and went straight to Jeff's softball game. No pics but I will do something cool with our boarding passes in the album.

Thursday I took Ella to get her hair cut at Snip It's on our day together. She was SO good and kept saying "its soooo relaxing" ... dude your four years old and hilarious.

Friday I stamped, addressed and mailed all of my invites for a show I have scheduled for the end of the month - with the help of my mom of course :) We had fun doing it and now these pretty invites will stand out in the mail!

Saturday Andy, Joann, Mason and Taelor had us over to their new house for a House Warming Party/BBQ!
Here they are as a family in front. SO cute.

Sunday - no picture can you believe this!?! Sunday we went to Ryan and Lisa's BBQ, Kohls and cleaned Jeffs room. We went swimming until midnight and he finally had to go home because he had to work the next day! (Oops  - we stayed up too late)

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  1. How fun to go to a baseball game on the 4th. What could be more American?

  2. Tara...I absolutely love your blog!

    Aunt Terri


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