Monday, October 20, 2014

SIX MONTHS of Marriage!

Last weekend Jeff and I celebrated our first six months of marriage! Now, we don't intend on celebrating every six months ... but I thought our FIRST six months would be fun to celebrate and give us a reason to get out of town (the desert) for a few hours!

I made reservations for us at Matchbox in Downtown Palm Springs. We see this place every time we go down the hill and say we want to go there. THIS was the perfect reason! Matchbox has private balconies you can reserve that overlook the small courtyard and the main strip of "downtown".

Here's our balcony!

Of course we hit Great Shakes afterwards for dessert ... I got a small this time ... there wasn't too much room left in my belly!! 

In other events of the weekend, Duke went for his first ride in the truck!

He waited in the truck bed while Jeff pumped gas :) 

 We made these from our Omaha Steak care package ... OH MY GOD.. This is Stuffed Sole (with crab and scallops) I was sad when I was done eating. I never wanted it to end LOL

My hubby also took me to Yucca to see "Gone Girl" .. You should totally read this book and then see the movie. It was great! I love having a long weekend and a few dates all in a row with him!!

Awesome awesome weekend. A great way to celebrate and enjoy a long weekend :)

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  1. What a great weekend! I got married this year too and we are making a big deal out of the monthly anniversaries too! :)


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