Monday, June 6, 2011

Project Life (May 30~June 5)

Starting off with an appology! Sorry last week's post was so late .. I know there are so many of you out there, just dying to check out my stuff ;) NOT haha. 

So, if no one reads this: I'm apologizing to myself for being so lazy and busy, if that makes sense!

Anyways, if you didn't catch that post - you can find it here. This week, I don't have my pictures printed again, but I do have my blog and Facebook album's up to date ... so that's great news!!

Memorial Day was an awesome way to get the week started!!
Monday We spent the day at the lake and then headed home around 6PM or so. We stopped at the Lumberman's Monument on the way home. How beautiful is this?! Here's more info: SITE
These are additional pictures I have from the weekend: 

 Front of a 5x7 add in I will have ...
 Back of the same 5x7 add oi..

Cutting the above in half for my 3x4ish journaling cards instead :)

Tuesday was our One Year Anniversary <3 

Not the cutest picture of us ... but I'll take it - it's very "in the real life of Tara and Jeff" watching the game on the couch :)

We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner (our favorite) on the bike, watched the Tigers game and just hung out together. He was going to recreate one of our "famous" dates which was going out to South Lyon to get ice cream on the bike.. but it was supposed to storm so we couldn't go. Hey, it's the idea that counts!! This guy is my best friend in the world, I don't know what I would do without him. It's one of the things that makes our relationship so special, I think .. being best friends. It was the perfect night. He got me the coolest gift too - Jewelry? No. Candy? No.  A Miguel Cabrera SIGNED card with a piece of his ACTUAL away jersey ...I'm learning that most ladies would not have been pleased with this, however - that's just how well he knows me.. because I LOVE IT... almost as much as I love him.

Wednesday night we went to Corey's play / choir event at the church - they were pretty awesome! Then we headed to softball of course! The boys lost and didn't even get to finish the game because the field lights weren't working.  Quote of the night: "Thanks for letting us get our money's worth blue" ... hilarious.

 Thursday Mom and Cullen played in the yard ... "whatchu want Cafie?" is his famous line. The kids like to pretend that this is a drive thru window and you are ordering. Here they traded places and were making pancakes together.

FRIDAY I was sick .. we didn't do anything. Jeff had band practice and I laid in bed most of the day .. watched the game together all night - the best way to be sick, with my guy and my Tigers. NO PICTURE.

 Saturday I had a GREAT afternoon show and then headed out to Rochester Hills to see the fam. Jeff's Grandpa turned 90 this weekend. He is the sweetest guy .. he makes me miss my own Grandpa a bit. The party was awesome. People from all over the country and state came to see him .. truly a great day.

Sunday I mowed the lawn. Most people don't know this about me ... but I handle the tractor pretty well... ever since the incident with the mailbox that is. :) Here I am in my bathing suit, shorts, iPod, bare foot with red toe nail polish. That's how I roll.

We have hired a service but they were slacking the past two weeks. Don't ask me. All I knew was we didn't need a ticket for the grass length with all the craziness that's been going on otherwise around here. If you would have seen how long it was, you wouldn't have believed WE lived here....

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  1. thanks for stopping by my project life from last week. i came to check out your site and love that you were on the lake for memorial day--what better way to celebrate? you also do a great job writing out descriptions for each day-even those you didn't get a picture for!! Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You live in a beautiful area---love the lake. :)


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