Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project Life (June 20~June 26)

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This week was tough. Busy .. different ... stressful...and sad for me. Busy helping Jeff's family get ready for Haley's graduation party. Busy with getting my house ready before my mom's surgery. I was house sitting (which was fun, just different) alone in a big scary (beautiful) house. Stressful because we had my mom's surgery on Friday... and sad because we said goodbye to my baby sister as she left for California. It's official, they're gone.

The good news is, my mom is doing great with her recovery. Emma and Jimmy are safe and sound after making it cross country. The graduation party was beautifully done and one of my friends had her wedding shower this weekend. More good news is, Jeff and I leave on Friday to go to California to see Jimmy and Emma!!!!! We haven't ever been there!

TOTALLY excited.

See? Told you I've been busy. Hence: No album shots. Here's my layout: the colors will be journaling cards and no, I don't have a Saturday picture. I'm shocked at myself.

Monday night we had a barbecue / bonfire with Emma and Jimmy for their last night in MI. Friends, family and food ... again - a great time.  Here they are atop their UHAUL of STUFF.

Tuesday Emma, Jimmy, Drew and Jen pulling out of the driveway to start their journey. (..I may or may not have been sobbing taking this picture..)

Wednesday I got this shot of Sophie. Remember I said I was house sitting? I was dog sitting too. . not to be confused with sitting on dogs, I didn't do that. The dogs were a fun distraction to Emma leaving - they played with me for the week :)

Thursday was the first Thursday I will have Grace and Ella. I have them for a few hours every Thursday for the summer so that their dad can get some homework done :)
Here is our list of things we want to do with our time together this summer. (Written by Grace, age 7.5)

Friday was Mom's surgery - she did GREAT! Here she is .. refusing to put her hair net on. She had her legs folded up and so it looked like she had no legs. Naturally, I had to get a picture. She WILL be killing me for putting this up here ... love you momma...

Saturday - NO PICTURE. What?!

Sunday was Angie's Bridal Shower (given by best friend Molly) I love these girls. I'm SO glad to still have them in my life. Molly threw a lovely shower and I met some more of Angie & Molly's family and friends! Sunday was also Haley's Graduation Party :) It was great! The food was awesome.. they even got a Moon Walk and Snow Cone machine - pretty sweet!

As some of you know, Jessica had her baby this past week - Congratulations! She is BEAUTIFUL! So we are linking up over at Sara's Blog here! Check this site out for other Project Life Tuesday participants! 

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  1. Love the U-Haul shot. That is so cute and a great keepsake.


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