Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project Life (June 13~June 19)

Hi There! This week was the last week of daycare - I didn't do any journaling in my actual album but included extra pictures.

 I've decided to lay out everything digitally so that I know what to print and where everything will go before I order my pictures - so I also included that as well :) What do you think?

Monday night the Tiger's tied for first place by beating the Tampa Bay Ray's in a make up game at home. Jeff and I watched the game all night, what a good game it was. The bottom of the 10th inning Ramon Santiago tripled to right center scoring Victor Martinez with one out to win the game! It was AWESOME!

Tuesday after nap, the kids were all checking out my Project Life album. I showing this to them. They always say things like "LOOK IT'S ME" or "That's when we ..." It's so cool to see how they remember things and tell stories. Besides - I love when other people look at my album .. I remember the stuff, I put it together! 

Wednesday night Katelin and her family took me to the Tigers Vs. Indians game! We were tied for first place and lost :( BUT we still had an awesome time!!

Thursday Dylan, Garrett and I spent some quality time with the bugs. Busy Bugs that is. Discovery toys makes this game / learning tool that the kids can match up the colors to squares, make patterns, learn colors and matching. It's fun and they loved it. The older kids were playing with something else and kept asking to play with the boys - I think it made them feel special when they were the only ones who could play with the bugs today :)

Friday was Maddie's very last day of coming to Teachers Tots Daycare. She will be going to preschool 5 days a week next year. We have had Maddie in our home since she was just 4 months old, if you can believe that - 3 years and some months later she is on her way. :( A sad and happy day. She is growing up!

Today was also the last day of daycare for the summer. I don't know what I will be taking pictures of, but I'll figure something out. I will miss all of these kids like crazy. Aside from that, it will be nice to have a "normal" house for a few months.

Saturday I spent the whole day working on the pool deck and hanging out with my Dad. Thank God that deck is finished ... now if it will only get SUNNY again!

Sunday was Father's Day - I hung out with my Dad cleaning coolers, blowing up pool toys and finally watching the Tigers game. I have the best Dad in the world! Emma came home from Up North and I set my timer to take our picture!

Here are the journaling cards too:
-The kids with "their Emma"
-Maddie, Garrett and Cullen doing the Spring Chicken Dance from Bubble Guppies - Flap your wings, get your feet a kickin, move that beak .. you're a spring chicken!

-Garrett and Gavin's summer birthday celebrated at Daycare :)

-Ella eating the cupcakes for Molly's summer birthday
-Maddie checking out Tippy ... or Dino ... on the porch, eating his lunch!

-Sean loving his cupcake
-Molly the birthday girl! LOVED her cupcakes!

Last but not least ... my date card:
Me in 1988 age 1 reading the "funnies" with my Dad ... and ...
Me in 2011 age 24 watching the Tiger's game with my Dad (bigger in my Father's Day Blog here)

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  1. Look at you go...Love all your digital elements you've added in there. OK...now I get what you are saying about laying out your photos before printing them. (and no...I don't do that. I'm lucky if I can get them uploaded to Costco.com) Great idea though. You are becoming quite the expert at this :)

  2. What great pictures this week. Enjoyed looking at the pics with you and your dad - special! :)


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