Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project Life (May 23~May 29)

I have been slacking. Can you believe that last week I had everything printed and this week I bearly could post?! I can believe it haha ... but hey - it's my project, I'm the boss ;)

Here you go people! :) Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

 Monday we were sitting on our front porch relaxing and there was a bunny in our front yard ... also relaxing! We have TONS of bunnies this year, I can't even believe it.

 Tuesday I was in and out of the house ... here's Ella and Gavin. Adorable. Ella loves to help with the babies!

Wednesday was my first day back working at the daycare. First day back you ask? You have seen pictures of all of these kids before, you say? I know. I just can't escape ;) Good thing I love them so much!!

Thursday I got Grace off the bus. It rained like crazy all day and when it was time to go get her, it let up. So I walked down the street with my giant umbrella ... which must have been the cue for the rain. It POURED as soon as she got off the bus!

Friday it had been raining for a few days so I wanted to get a picture of the park all flooded. Here is the playground approximatly 6-10 inches under water ... While I was taking these pictures a GIANT ... thing ... swam at me and I freaked out. There were 12-14 inch Carp swimming around the playground, I kid you not! The river over flowed and there they were! Later that night we finally got out of town and headed up north for the weekend :)

Saturday we woke up in Oscoda. We got breakfast and went to the Yankee Air Museum. It was pretty cool. At the airport they had all these huge Northwest planes - I'll remind you here that NW doesn't exist anymore... pretty weird! Jeff and I made dinner as everyone else got up north :) FUN weekend!

Sunday was better than a normal Sunday. With it being Memorial Day Weekend, we didn't have to track all the way home right away! One more day! One more day! One more day! We stayed up north. We relaxed and hung out all day - it was a beautiful weekend on the lake! Here's Scruffy ... she loves it up north almost as much as we do!

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  1. We live near a field and I'm surprised we don't see more rabbits! The fish swimming around the playground would have freaked me out too!

  2. Love those little feet at the daycare. Too cute.

  3. Hi,
    thanks for stopping by my blog. I just posted week 22... I can't believe how fast the time is going!
    The picture of the rabbit almost doesn't look real, I had to do a double take! and I can't believe the water at the playground, and I would have freaked out too if something was swimming by me while I was taking that picture. I bet you weren't expecting it at all!!!

  4. LOVE the feet picture! Adorable - must do this with my kiddos this week. Boo to all the flooding!
    Have a great week! :)

  5. Little feet = so cute! Wow, you certainly got a lot of rain!!

    Loved seeing your photos.

  6. Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog. Can't believe that playground!!! Love the feet photo!!

  7. I love the feet picture, that's always a favorite with little feet. I can't believe the water photo, how awful to have that happen. We had some days like that too. Glad you enjoyed your long weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog and good job catching up on your PL.

  8. Love the shot of the little feet in focus, so precious, I used to work at a daycare too, the little ones can be very cute.


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