Monday, February 9, 2015

Getting Ready

Getting ready for the move there was lots to do.

First there was purging,

Packing ... getting things we would need with us in the new house right away ... things we could send with the movers ... I'll write a separate blog post about the way I PCS ... I've only done it twice, but I'd like to say I have a system :)

Saying goodbye to friends both dog and human ...

Prepping the truck for the road trip...


Celebrating graduation ...

The movers packing our things ...

Loading our things onto the truck ...

Sitting on the floor in our now empty house, in Twentynine Palms

Next post : The road trip!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, you made it through! I always dread moving -- and packing! But once I get going, it feels so liberating. Plus the purging, as you mentioned. I don't like making the tough decisions on what to toss, but even the things I don't wear or use much anymore are fun to uncover and relive the memories over. Good luck with the trek!

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving


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