Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Urge To Purge

Ok so last time I wrote about how much I had to do. I wanted to go through all of our clothes. I wanted to make sure that we weren't packing clothes that we didn't want, clothes that didn't fit etc. with us across the country. Here are the fruits of that labor!!! 

I'm proud to tell you that yesterday we donated two LARGE garbage bags and a box of clothes ... And a box of martini glasses that we haven't been using to the ASYMCA! It feels so good to know that we WANT and need the things moving with us. 

Meanwhile ... I have been working with Duke on leash training. Because he is five months old and hasn't had much leash expirence, it's taking some time and muscle. He hasn't been on the leash much because he wasn't aloud to go anywhere until he had all his shots. So wish me luck. He's doing well I'm the house walking on a leash but the minute we get outside its like he's on drugs. The smells of the world take him over and he's helpless haha :/ 

He has been working hard both mentally and physically, it zonks him right out! 

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