Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November Goals

Here's my November Goals list ... but first let's see how I did on my October goals ....

1. Up the rest of my weights this week and moving forward. 
Freaking fail fail fail fail. I've pretty much stopped working out for the past week and a half. I'm going through something ... it SUCKS .. and by "going through something" means not doing well and not able to pull myself out of it. 

2. Keep couponing! The more the better! 
YES!!! I recently wrote to all the companies who's products we use asking for coupons and a TON of them answered and mailed some to me ... so we've been saving little by little. I'll be sad once I've gone through them all.

3. Get to mass THREE weeks in October (A carry over from September)
Fail again. Saturday I get up with the puppy and let Jeff sleep in ... Sunday I get to sleep in ... so I have been choosing sleep over church .. I'm so sorry! :/ 

4. Find a dress for the Marine Corps Ball! EEeeekkkkkk! 
Not only did I FIND a dress ... but we went to the ball too! More pics on a later post, but here's what we looked like!! 

5. Buy at least two Christmas presents (Planning ahead so we aren't shocked with it all + travel expenses in December!) 
November was busy but we have gotten a few gifts ahead. 

6. Celebrate being married 6 months, October 12th!!! <3 
Yes we did!! Read more about it ::::HERE::::

7. Get to Joshua Tree National Park to star gaze. 
We DID get out to JTNP ... BUT the moon was high and full and it was the very beginning of the cooler weather, so we didn't last long. It was still fun :) 

November is almost over ... so even though this is titled "November Goals" I'm just going to tell you what we had planned for Nov instead.

- Mom was visiting for a week!
- Jamie and Brad are coming to visit for a weekend
- We were going to have Thanksgiving here at our house, but we are going to a friends family's home instead. 
- Duke had his third vet appointment (he's HUGE)
- I've been doing a lot of cleaning and getting the house ready
- We got our orders for where we are going to be stationed for the next three years
- I've been watching a ton of TV 

I'll write some more specific posts on things we've got going on in November with pics later :) 

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