Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wedding Shower Edition

I'm a married lady!
Yes! You read that right! Jeff got approved to come home for the weekend of our wedding!!!!
The date was on ... 

Warning ahead of time: Just like a "Tara" post .. theres a lot of pics ahead!

We got married! That's why I've been "gone" for another month!
I married my best friend and planned a wedding for 245 people in 4 short weeks!

But let me start at the beginning. After finding out our wedding date would ACTUALLY HAPPEN ... Friday March 28th was my 27th birthday! I had a great day filled with flowers and babies and it was just a really nice day working at home. I even had a chiropractor appointment to get my back adjusted that morning.
Note: You're officially 27 years old when you ask for a back adjustment for your birthday .. are you serious?! :) Yep ...

My cousins, friends, aunts and uncle were coming over to the house for dinner to celebrate and to do the "wedding shower prep". Saturday the 29th was our wedding shower. Jeff was texting me all week saying that he was sick about it and couldn't believe that he wasn't going to be here for our showers and my birthday. 

On the evening of my birthday, before all my family got here ... he text me and asked if my present had gotten here yet and that he had sent it by overnight airmail. I told him that I didn't get anything and that I didn't know he sent me something! I asked him if he sent it by UPS and he said he "didn't know". Clearly I thought this was strange.
I was cleaning up the kitchen in the back of the house a little while later and my dad called me into the front. He said "Tara, your present is here!" and I heard talking at the front door. From across the house, I actually thought it was my cousin. I was wondering what he was doing, but it was my birthday and thought maybe he stopped by. Then as I walked through the house it hit me.
I said outloud "Oh my God, he's here." and brought my hands to my face and started crying before I could even see him in the front hall. It was the craziest surprise ever and I can't even believe he pulled it off. Apparently EVERYONE knew but me!! 

Best birthday surprise ever ... my fiance!

So after I stopped crying tears of joy .. literally ... everyone came over! We had dinner (THANKS MOM!!) and got to work on all the shower prep! Below, we are putting together water bottle labels that said "Tara and Jeff April 12th" that my cousin designed (adorable!)

We also had other things to do like tying silverware together, drinking wine and laughing a lot!

and HERE is one of the brunch masterminds .. my Uncle Steve! The poor guy flew into town (from Florida), hardly ate dinner and got to work in the kitchen making all the food for our shower! He and my mom were in the kitchen all night cooking and baking ... I wish smell-o-vision was real ... you should have been there.

 Saturday was our friends and family ladies shower ... I'll just share a few pics:

Decor by my cousin Sara!

Saying Grace and thanking everyone for coming!

My Aunt Terri made everyone a bookmark with a baseball poem of life on it! Beautiful .. and So "us" !

Oh .. my .. goodness ...!!

Seriously, my (then) fiance is a STUD!
Some of the beautiful ladies who threw us the shower!
As promised .. the final product!

More later! I have a whole other wedding shower to tell you about ... not to mention the wedding and our weekend honeymoon get away in California! 

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