Saturday, May 17, 2014

Apple, Grape and Pudding Dessert

Hey!! I thought I'd take a break from all the wedding prep talk and get you a recipe. Whoever "you" are ;)

During the wedding planning, I was very busy and didn't have as much self control as normal. I actually gained 7 lbs and am exactly where I started in January. I've had a hard time struggling with this, but I'm here and I need to do something about it.

That being said ...
Here is one of my favorite zero point dessert / snacks!
 I didn't really know what the name of it is ...

First you make sugar free pudding - I use pistachio. I'm sure you could use vanilla, a fruit flavor or even chocolate. I make mine with fat free half and half because it is zero points and you can't taste the difference. We sub milk out for fat free half and half when it's mixed with things.

 Core an apple (mine is honey crisp), and then cut up into bite size pieces.

 I cut my grapes in half so they are closer to "bite size".

Mix all together!

It's really yummy like this and this is how I keep it in the fridge. Then if I have points left for the day, I can add a measured out miniature Snickers bar, or mini chocolate chips or caramel sauce into my own serving. {this way you can change it up!!}

Sound yummy? I think so! Do you have a favorite zero point snack / dessert?? Let me know!

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