Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life Lately

Things have been crazy around here ... I forgot to write my update for last week, but as I explain what has been going on I'm sure you'll forgive me. I'll feel better once I have this post up and running, written and ready to go. I don't want to get away from writing it again, especially at this crazy/busy/exciting time in my life.

Last time I weighed in was last Monday (March 10) and I was about here:

My fitness life is truly lacking right now. I've been feeling guilty about it. I've been feeling like this is something I need to address. I don't know how to do anything but move forward in this area of life, because THAT is what I've been doing the past two years. When I haven't been focusing on it (for little amounts of time) I have always been worried that I would slide backwards.
I have been doing a great job at maintaining however while the "crazy" is going on, which is good news. I have also been feeling that if I were doing better in this area of my life right now that it might help with some of the stress in other areas.

Insert one of my best friends .. she says that our "self" is made up of three things .. physical, emotional and spiritual. And depending on what's going on, one self may get or need more attention. She thinks my emotional and spiritual sides may need some more TLC right now.

She said this to me and such a peace came over me, I can't even explain it. This makes so much sense. This makes me feel so much better about not burrowing forward but just staying where I am for this short stretch of time when I have the wedding planning and waiting going on.

{if anyone is new, my fiance is a PFC in the USMC and we are waiting for his orders so that we can get married April 12th .. yes 2014 .. and no it's not going to be a small wedding .. we want our friends and family to be there. Yes, if you're counting that is less than 4 short weeks away which is very exciting but without his orders it is extremely stressful too.}

So ... I haven't been at the gym! Don't even look for me there unless its Monday night.. because I'd die before I missed my Monday zumba class ;)

What have I been doing?
Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrll what haven't I been doing is a shorter list. But this way is more fun.
I've been:

Picking out chair covers! [actually, Jeff picked]

Chose our invitations ... not pictured because it's a surprise!!!

Registering at Bed Bath and Beyond
(more on this later .. because their customer service is truly amazing)

Registering at Target .. not as much fun ..
(more on this later .. because it was a major let down .. and if you know me, I'm a Target LOVER!)

I'm in love with these lamps at Target though .. seriously!!! 
(yes their on our registry)
Choosing our bedding.. which was tougher than it sounds.

Went a little nuts with the scanner .. because how often do you get to do this?!!? 

Fell in love with our couples shower invitation ...

And then again when I saw my bridal shower invitation!!!

 Labled invitations, response cards and return addresses

Made a million lists ... this one was actually for registering.
My mom and I went and registered for a bunch of stuff that Jeff wouldn't care about. 
Then he and I registered for things online together (stuff I knew he would have an opinion about)
I did NOT want to do it this way, but it really worked out well.

Then last weekend I got really sick ... :( Out of commission for two days almost.

Looked into unity candles .. didn't buy this one ... lol

Got my hair cut .. wooo hooo!! and made all my wedding hair appointments :) 

Went to JoAnn Fabrics with my cousin Katie to scope out their "wedding aisle" 
They have a lot more there than you would think ... check 'em out.

Put on almost every piece of clothing I own to make sure it fits .. Purple Heart was coming and apparently I'm moving across the country in a month!!! Time to get rid of all that stuff that didn't fit anymore!

Took Anthony to church ... umm yes ... I took this pic.
{mass hadn't started yet .. get off my back}

Had a bonfire with one of my favorite people

Went shower dress shopping (ALL DAY .. sorry mom .. didn't mean to wear you out!!)

Tried on like 50 dresses ... :/ 
But I got two for our showers (and under budget .. hollerrrrrr!!!)

I also:
  • Bought my wedding dress, shoes and veil
  • Had my alterations appointment
  • Dog sat
  • Picked out where we will have our rehearsal dinner
  • Went to BB&B like 4 times to look at different stuff on my list
  • Got my nails done
  • Quit my job at preschool (OMG .. so hard..)
  • Went to a friends wedding shower
  • Had dinner with my future mother in law and future sister in law to show them wedding plans
  • Bought our card box, cake set, table numbers and unity candle
  • People started getting their shower invites and texting me
    that they are so excited!!! :) :) :) 
and probably a million other things I forgot.

Now all I need is my groom ... We are so ready to close this 2,200 mile gap between us ...
We hope to get his final and official orders that say whether or not our 
April 12th date will happen .. within the next few days!!

Thanks for reading! :) 

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