Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Spend February - Update!

No Spend February went awesome .... for the first half of the month. As I said HERE I made up a budget (because obviously, I had expenses and bills) and then kept an "actual" column right next to it in Excel.

Things I spent money on that weren't accounted for ..

$13.00 airport parking ... I'm here to tell you, it was the best $13.00 I spent all month. I got to go inside the airport and see my fiance for about an hour and a half ... read about that HERE
No it was not budgeted for ... because it was a HUGE surprise by God that his flight connected here.

$10.15 Jimmy Johns - lunch for my mom and I ... don't ask me what was going on that day .. Apparently we needed JJ.

$4.02 on deodorant - everyone who was near me for the rest of the month thanks me for this purchase.

$8.97 on Quest bars - I was dying to try them and there was no holding back.

$7.52 on the balance of a Panera lunch {mostly a gift card paid for this} after my mom and I met with a photographer ... at this point in the month, Jeff called me and said "GO GO GO, we're getting married see what you can make happen." .. and we were starving.

$21.69 on Pei Wei for mom and I to celebrate after I bought my wedding dress {the dress was saved for and not purchased under the "no spend month"}

Then .............. I hit a pot hole. Are you freakin' serious? Yes. $217.75 later .... here we are.

If you're keeping track, that is a total of $283.10 that I spent that was not budgeted for.

BUT ... the good news is ... I still saved $1,600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is some wicked awesome timing .. seeing as we could possibly be getting married NEXT MONTH! ... I could be moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY NEXT MONTH ...

Crazy life huh? :)

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