Monday, November 16, 2015

A Whatsup Willmans Wednesday on a Monday!

Whats up with those Willmans?! I've been writing this post for two weeks hoping to get some pictures in here so it isn't so jam packed with just all those words down there ... yikes.

Work is good. I've been bouncing around so much that I've really gotten to know a LOT of the kids at our center. It seems that I'm usually in a handful of the same rooms so that's kind of nice. I have been in an infant room every few days for a lot of last week and I've gotten to know their schedule and how things work ... it's not my favorite but I don't feel so overwhelmed or lost by any means. 8 infants under age 1 is no joke. They'll kick your butt even if they're sweet! It's an assembly line in those rooms! Phew!

We have gotten out our fall decor and I love it. I love the shelves Jeff made me ... they make our whole first floor feel more like a home. I've also officially been obsessed with Yankee Candle products for more than a year now. They just had a $10 off no minimum purchase coupon and I went nuts with that thing. I got a wax warmer for dirt cheap, and a TON of easy melt cups for free at the PX and Bed Bath and Beyond of course. We don't have a Yankee Candle here but they'll take the coupons, score! I love having the house smell great .. especially the fall smells. (Obsessed with the apple one right now!!)

I've started volunteering with the USO and I'm loving it. They always have a reason to bake something and I love baking. I've made birthday cakes for Marines in the barracks at school here and Halloween cookies for a Halloween party they were hosting for the kiddos. I've also been working the USO at our airport and I am really loving that too. Giving back is such a great feeling and I feel like what I'm doing makes a difference to someone. If I wasn't at the airport, those Marines would be sitting on the benches at the airport and without snacks. I know how nice it has been for us while we were traveling to stop at a USO.

A few weekends ago, my friend Nicole gave me some free tickets to the NASCAR race in Charlotte ... it was a BEAUTIFUL day. We had a blast. It was my first NASCAR race and Jeff Gordon's last race in Charlotte. It was such a fun time, but I always say ... Jeff and I could have the best time in the most boring of places, anyways!

Recently I put myself out there and met some girls in our neighborhood. I'm so happy I did because I met my friend Mae. Shes so sweet, would do anything for you and is super fun. She also has a pup a little younger than Duke so we meet up at the dog park and hang out while we let the dogs wear themselves out. It's perfect really :) Sadie is a little smaller than Duke, but now that they know each other she really holds her own!

Jeff and I spent the week before Halloween making our costumes. This year we were Wyldstyle and Emmet from The Lego Movie ... It was a long week, but we had SUCH a fun time handing out candy at our house in those costumes, I can't even explain! The kids were SO excited and they knew exactly who we were, so we must have done a good job! :) After we finished handing out candy (Approx 150 kids!!!) we headed to a Halloween party with all the guys Jeff works with, which was a blast too.

Last Wednesday, I started back on Weight Watchers. It's what I know. It makes sense to me .. and it's been what I've been successful with in the past ... so I'm back. I've also started "C25K" which is the couch to 5k program. It's eight weeks and it is interval training that helps you end up running! Yesterday I finished day three of week one. I've been really focusing on my breathing and I think that's helping me. Jeff running with me is helping me too. Just knowing hes running next to me is so much more motivating than just running by myself. I like that it's something productive we can do together too. I've got to do SOMETHING .. I'm glad I've finally snapped back into reality. So, I'll hopefully update on this. Today is my first day of week two, so I'll be running and walking longer intervals. HOPEFULLY in 8 or so weeks I'll be able to run a 5k (haha that just sounds ridiculous to me ... hopefully I can stick with it!)

This past weekend we attended our second Marine Corps ball ... we had a great time. We traveled just under two hours away and got a hotel room for the night. When we got into town we got all dolled up and headed over for a delicious chicken and steak dinner, along with a nigh of tradition ... and of course drinking :) You know how Marine's get down.

Now begins our countdown to the happiest place on Earth! Jeff hasn't seen his family in eleven months, so it will be awesome to see him reunited with his momma :) We can't wait. We LOVE Disney and we haven't been back since we got engaged there in 2012!

In case you forgot :) 

I was just thinking about this yesterday, check it out:

November 2012 - Engaged - Disney World, Florida
November 2013 - Jeff was at USMC Bootcamp - Parris Island, SC - I was working 4 part time jobs.
November 2014 - We lived in Twentynine Palms, CA - I had just gotten one part time job.
November 2015 - We live at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina - I have an almost full time job.

Funny what can happen all in just a few years, huh?

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