Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I want to write.

I want to write but I don't have a lot to write about, so we will see where this leads us.

Lately I've been getting into a better cleaning routine and I'm much happier with the way that our house is being kept up. I actually chose a cluttered place in our house every day last week and organized and went through it (closets, under sinks, in junk drawers ... ) Who wants to read about that? No one. It's not fun or exciting.

I have been at my job now since August 31st and I really like it. It's not what I was expecting and honestly I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have the same class room every day, but I'm trying to look on the bright side of things. I am meeting lots of new people that work there. I'm meeting a lot of kids and seeing a lot of classrooms. I'm working in all age groups .. so hopefully someone see's that I'm good at all ages and thinks I'm valuable eventually. Mostly good news?

Jeff and I are on a weird schedule. Usually I get home just after 5:30 from work (Because I work like 6 mins away!! woo hoo!) and he heads to the gym. Sometimes I like it. I like coming home and having a little time before he gets home. I can just hang out on the couch or start dinner ... but other days I hate coming home to an empty house (even if Duke is here). There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how I'm going to feel each day, so I try not to make him feel bad he has to work out.

Something kind of fun we've been doing is watching all sorts of super hero movies together. I've officially seen all three Batman movies, all three Iron Man, and one Captain America movie. We are making our way to The Avengers. I know these aren't super hero movies but we also watched all eight Harry Potter movies too. (Don't worry, I'm talking over quite a few weeks ... although, not as many as you'd think) We've been digging the series movies lately... and I've liked seeing them all in a row, and all movies I've wanted to see.

Duke is done with his doggy classes. I don't think we will be signing up for another one - but he did really well in this one, since I had pretty much already taught him everything. We went to the dog park yesterday in the evening for like an hour and a half and he was so good. He played and wasn't too rough with anyone's smaller dogs ... He isn't aggressive at all but he just wants the other dogs to play with him so bad, and they don't always have the same idea. He still think's he weighs 20 lbs too ... He has no idea how big he is. Anyways, he had a blast. Not exciting .. but this is my life.

Here's something a little interesting, but more sad than anything. The other night we had a terrible accident outside our housing area. A man crashed his car into a tree and the firemen who work at the firehouse down the street from my house responded. They got him safely out of the car and into the ambulance ... Jeff and I were so taken back watching them work that I wanted to bake them cookies, just so that they knew someone appreciated them and all they do. This past Sunday I baked them chocolate chip cookies while Jeff and his buddy watched the Lions game. I think the guy in the accident is going to be okay. The news always reports the tragedy and doesn't tend to post a follow up story on how they're doing.

I applied and interviewed with our local Jacksonville USO last week. I want to volunteer with them in some of my spare time. I always said that I would have wanted to volunteer with them at the airport in Palm Springs if we had been closer. Now, we have one in our town and they host a lot of local events. I'm not sure where I'll start with them, but I do know ... I'll be baking a lot of Christmas cookies this year, and I won't have to eat them all ;)

Well, that's where I'm at these days. Maybe something new and exciting will happen soon!

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