Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lists of Late

I like reading back on my blog, to see things that were going on, things that I liked or didn't like so Erin's list looked perfect for me to modify for myself to look back on in the future:

Currently ....

Reading - Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers. Honestly, I haven't been reading lately and I JUST started this one. My cousin recommended it to my mom + mom and I share a Kindle account = now I've started it + happy me because it's free!

Playing - Boom Beach. It's a game Jeff and I downloaded weeks ago and I can't stop playing. You have your own base, troops, resources and you attack others and win stuff. It doesn't sound like something I'd ever be into but I can't stop. Must. Acquire. More. Resources.

Watching - Astraunt Wives Club & Pretty Little Liars on real TV and Friends on Netflix. AWC has me totally sucked in, I'm loving it. PLL is super annoying but I can't stop now. I'm also loving watching Friends on Netflix because I haven't seen them all, DEF not in order and it's mindless  TV :)

Trying - To pay off the little bit of debt we have now that I finally have a job and can contribute to our family! I'm a budget + numbers nerd so this is making me very happy)

Cooking - A little more simply starting this week. Jeff is being good, I haven't been of course .. but I've been cooking dinner in a little more of a "simple" style. Meat + veggies = dinner. We've also been grilling a TON lately! Yum!

Drinking - Water + Mio ... I can't get enough Strawberry Watermelon. Seriously, it'll change your life.

Texting - Everyone I know. At this exact moment, Jeff. Texting makes keeping up with friends thousands of miles away so much easier.

Pinning - A Christmas wish list & budgeting stuff.

Going -
  • To be transferring to a CDC at the end of summer camp
  • To pick my momma up at the airport to visit us in a few short weeks! 
  • To be working with Duke since his second doggy session has started
  • To work at 6 am, which I'm loving. This means I'm off work earlier and don't have to close! 

Thinking - Of getting a better "balance" in my life. Our marriage, Duke, cooking, cleaning, laundry, relaxing, getting enough sleep, doing things for ME, things for JEFF, errands, budgeting, keeping in touch with our friends and family, going to the commissary with a big ole list ... I need to and have been working on being better about getting my priorities straight and my life a little more balanced.

Loving -
  • My husband, always.
  • That Jeff doesn't have duty for a MONTH! What the what???
  • That Duke is asleep at my feet.
  • That my mom is coming to visit!
  • ... Cool whip + mini chocolate chips  (we pretend it's ice cream)

Hating -
  • That I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.
  • That my dad can't come visit.
  • That money isn't in an endless supply.
  • That TIME isn't in an endless supply.

Enjoying - The last few weeks of summer camp. I don't want to speak too soon, but things have settled down a bit and I'm enjoying my time with the kids. I'm trying to be more intentional about having one on one conversations with them .. You never know how much kids are actually listened to these days with everyone's crazy schedules ... And they're really responding to the attention. 

We also had one of my favorite weekends in Jacksonville, yet this past weekend. We drove down to the 45th Annual Sneadsferry Shrimp Festival Saturday! We saw some camels and crafts there, yummy shrimp-a-too dinners, great music and it was nice to do something local around here. We drove through Topsail Isalnd so Jeff could see it, too. We even had a Batman marathon each night... Turns out he's awesome!

Then, Sunday we took ️Duke to the beach! He was SO good and stayed right with us, you could tell he was loving every minute. He LOVES to swim in the ocean, play in the waves and dig in the sand.

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