Thursday, August 6, 2015

May, June and July 2015

Hey there! So this year is literally FLYING by. I cant believe it.

In May we headed to Raleigh for the first time, for the Brad Paisley concert. I found CHEAP tickets on Groupon that we just couldn't pass up. We had WAY WAY too much fun, and I do mean that. Brad was incredible. My husband is awesome. The wine was flowing. It was SO great. A trip we'll never forget.

At the end of May we celebrated Memorial Day aboard the USS North Carolina checking out the ship and then fireworks later that night on Atlantic Beach.

I mentioned in my last post that I went on a job interview for a job I really wanted ... Well, the good news is: I got it! It's one more reason why I haven't posted much. I've been getting anywhere between thirty and forty hours per week - so things have been very different around here! I'll say that it has been VERY nice to contribute to my family. It's so hard as a military wife to get a new job, whenever and wherever you are next ... while every other military spouse in the same town is going through the same thing.

Right before I started by job in June, Jeff and I went on a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas! On the way we stayed one night in Parris Island and saw our friend Gilissen and his (now) wife for dinner. It was so nice to see them and finally meet her!

Our cruise was incredible .. and aside from two weekends in San Diego, our first real vacation alone together. We enjoyed every minute of it. We soaked up the sunshine, snorkled (Jeff's first time! Thank God the rain held off!), had a few tropical cocktails, made some new friends, saw every show, ate lots of new foods and gambled a little bit.

On our way home from our cruise, we stopped off in Jacksonville, Florida to see the Melanges! Amanda, Kurt and the kiddos met us for breakfast as we got off the ship and headed home. It's so much fun having friends everywhere!

Duke has made a new friend: Georgio, the pup next door. They had been working together to dig a hole under the fence so Georgio could come play and go as he pleased, it was hilarious.

I started my new job ... I didn't mention what it was: It is a "program technician" AKA teacher AKA summer camp counselor on base! It's going well. I wouldn't want to stay there forever ... but it's been a great stepping stone in with MCCS on base.

In July we celebrated the 4th of July, obviously! We had a BBQ and saw a free concert on base (and fire works of course!!)

Just 2 funny shots of Duke, because ... why not?

Pretty much all of July Jeff had duty once a week. His unit got back and then he had it every three days. I won't miss those days. He was gone for twenty four hours and then he would spend the whole next day recovering. The next day he had a normal day and the day after that it would all start over again.

Mid July we cashed in my birthday present from March - TIM MCGRAW TICKETS ... Lord. We had SO much fun, my husband is incredible. A weekend one night trip into Raleigh to see Tim - check out how close these seats were:

I've done some landscaping and tending to our garden - I love it, but the dang gutters over flow and flood our entire flower bed (killing everything)

An addiction:

Duke's first birthday was July 27th! The poor guy also got his first ear infection on the same day.

... at least he got ice cream?

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