Monday, May 18, 2015

All The Things

So in March, Deanna came to visit!

They happened to be visiting family less than an hour from us, so she came and had a birthday lunch with me ... toured our house and Lejune .. it was so amazing to have some familiar faces! On their way back out of town I made breakfast for all of us, it was so much fun!! 

The night before my birthday, Jeff baked me a cake. Chocolate chocolate and it was awesome!!

Also for my birthday, my two favorite guys woke up super early to go tour to breakfast with me ... 
Jeff had duty for 24 hours on my birthday, so we got breakfast before he went to work. 

I've made two great friends, since we've gotten here. Tracey and Nicole ... these two. I swear I could tell them anything and they wouldn't be surprised or judge. They're awesome listeners, a ton of fun and love a good bottle of wine! 

My parents came to visit and to see our new place in April! They were actually here for my Mom's birthday, Easter and Opening Day! 

 Here is my first try at creamed eggs on toast :)

Duke made a buddy:

It really was such a good time hanging with them!!

Jeff and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary together. We had a beautiful dinner out and enjoyed the day together. The night before .. I couldn't wait to give him his gift ... So at about one o'clock in the morning I popped my trunk and he found a table saw. He was so excited, he was in disbelief. He kept saying "Who helped you with this!!!" And I kept saying "umm? The guy at the store?" HAHA!

Putting the table saw together ... At two AM :) 

That evening we went to Outback, one of our favorite places to celebrate:

We took this dorky timer picture of us eating the top of our wedding cake ... Which was still delicious, a year later. I can only imagine how it tasted on our big day! Haha, we didn't get any ... Except for the piece we cut for the pictures!

More recently, Jeff's truck was out of commission for two weeks +
The poor guy was out in the garage, working on it every minute he could .. It just took forever. He got it though! He fixed it, with the help of a buddy and saved us a ton of money!

Duke's pool got left in the back yard after a pool session. I came outside to find him like this in a dry pool the next day. 
"Where's the water, momma??" Too funny!!!

I went on a job interview for an MCCS job that I really want .... 

I planted flowers in our first garden beds ... And have been tending to the weeds of course ..

We went to the Jacksonville Jamboree (a festival)

Jeff and I went for a drive. I showed him the pier that my parents and I found while they were visiting ... And we kept driving to find a small town called Beaufort ... ADORABLE .. I can't wait for a date night out there. It reminds me a little of Downtown Plymouth back home. 

Tropical Storm Ana hit and it rained for about 4 days straight, if I remember right. Duke was losing his mind being stuck at the house. He was in our back yard unsupervised and got VERY muddy.. So we took him outside on the leash to hose him down. Jeff had the good idea to let him run back and forth in our giant puddle in between our driveways. I don't think I've ever seen this dog so happy. He ran to me through the puddle and then back to Jeff at the other end. It was hysterical. He loved being in the water, it cleaned him off and burnt off some of his energy!

And .... Since we haven't had enough pictures of Duke today, here's two just for fun haha!!

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