Monday, March 9, 2015

Firsts: Snow, Beach & Pool

Two weeks ago...
It snowed here! The whole town shut down. The base mostly shut down and they sent everyone home early! When I woke up in the morning and had this on my car... A tiny bit of North Carolina snow!

Then I went to the gym and came out to my car looking like this ...

Now, we totally had flurries ... The pictures I took didn't show it very well. It was funny though, because everyone in the gym was saying "oh my God, we have to get home ... It's really coming down now!"
Down here, they don't see snow often. 

But I couldn't wait to get home to Duke! I couldn't wait to see what he thought of the snow. He's seven months old now ... And still having firsts :) haha! 

So... Here's his first time in the snow!!
He was trying to bite the snow falling.

The video is funnier ... But I can't get it on here. 

Last week we had two REALLY nice days, so we took Duke to the beach! Snow and then 80 degree weather ... I feel like we're in Michigan!!! 

And then he passed out immediately in the car :)

This weekend, it was nice again! Jeff and I went garage saling and found a baby pool for $4! #awesomescore ... And since we know he loves the water, we filled her up!

This dog loves the water ... In any form :) 

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