Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Project Life Twenty Twelve! Week 1

Hello Project Life 2012! I've been waiting for you!

I have been SOO pumped to get into my Clementine kit, it's not even funny. Finally I finished my 2011 project yesterday .. and it just so happens that I also completed my WEEK 1 for 2012!

So, while I'm seeing all this amazing Title Page Inspiration, I have not committed ... and things still look like this ....

BUT nonetheless, I am SO excited to show you Week 1!

This year I am doing things a bit different:
- Trying to use the sewing machine more
- Doing my layouts weekly, instead of the picture a day
- I am going to keep up!
- Trying to be more creative with my layouts
I'm sure there are more to add to this list, but I'm in a hurry since we started back to daycare today :)

Enjoy WEEK 1! Let me know what you think! (SO proud of myself too .. done two days before Tuesday link ups! WOO HOO!)

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  1. Look at you!!! Loving it so far. Such a refreshing change to see the Clementine goodies! Glad you could come last week. Wish we lived closer and could make Monday nights "PL Night!" Grrrrrrrrrr. Don't sweat the title page. I like the idea of completing it later. Get those creative juices flowing!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't commit to the title page right away!

  3. Great post Tara, isn't Clementine beautiful?

    Your list sounds just like mine. I really like the photo that you have of the planning & post-its.

    Don't rush the Title page - it will come to you. I've done mine but I know that I will be adding more to it as time goes on.

    Thanks for visiting & commenting at my blog - looking forward to seeing what you do this year.


  4. I was hesitant to put together my title page too, since it feels like it should set the tone for the whole book. I keep reminding myself that I can always go back and change it up if I want.

  5. I haven't done my title page yet, either, so i can totally relate! love your week 1, especially the cute journaling cards you chose :)

  6. Love the way your layouts turned out!! I am also doing the weekly concept. So nice to focus on documenting our life and not worrying so much about having a picture a day! Thanks for sharing your layout with us!

  7. I like the idea of using a sewing machine with it. That would add a lot of depth! That's a pretty sweet blanket fort you've going going there.


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