Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I've written ... sorry about that!

This weekend was great ... busy, but great. Friday night Jeff and I cleaned the whole house getting ready for his mom's surprise 50th birthday party on Saturday. Saturday morning I had a show (awesome ladies and of course brunch). The show went great, I made about $300 ish (Woo hoo! My car payment!! ) and got to give the same to my hostess which is always super fun. 

After that I came home and got everything in order to do my show on Sunday. Then I headed to Jeff's to help set up for the surprise and was there until after midnight enjoying the party. We had TONS of food, desserts and "appetizers" ... I put this is quotes because the term was debated all weekend long. Snacks? Munchies? Appetizers? Hilarious. I would estimate about 45 people being at the party, it was great. Rose was so surprised - (Are you reading this Rose? haha!!) She came in the door and was looking down for the dog and said "HI SCRUFFY" as she walked in ... then noticed all of us! She was so surprised .. which I can't blame her for! The poor lady thought we all ho-hummed her birthday LAST MONTH ... when really we have been planning this for just as long ha ha!

Do you believe I didn't take any pictures? BLAH! Slacking .. I know. I'm so sorry!!
I slept in Sunday and then had another show. A smaller one but it was more laid back with friends I don't get to see much so it was nice.

Now I'm researching a bridesmaids dress. Whats that? I didn't mention?? MY BEST FRIEND JAMIE ASKED ME TO BE IN HER WEDDING!!! AHHHH! I'm so excited. She is marrying a wonderful guy by the name of Brad. I have known him since high school and they have waited a long time to finally be together, with going to college in two different states. On to the business: I need to wear a Bari Jay design (style 766) ... but first I need to find one. I Do Too can order it for us, but I need to try it on before I can order it ... which gets me thinking! Jeff's aunt owns Elizabeth's Bridal Manor - Maybe I'll ask him to take me!

Here's the dress!

That's enough random ramblings for now ;) Hope you all had a super weekend too!

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